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6 Easy Ways to kickstart your career on Medium.

Hey, I’ve been analyzing medium writers, big and small, for the past week and I’ve noticed some ways that they use to get noticed on Medium and boost their views.

6. Reddit

This one might be obvious for some, and a surprise for others. Reddit is one of the best tools to get people to see your story. Just find a relevant subreddit and make a post with the first paragraph. Then write, you can find the full article here. That’s it! This method, however, has a downside. If your story isn’t good is irrelevant to the subreddit, you’re going to get downvoted, but as long as your article provides value to the world and is relevant, most likely, people are going to love you.

5. Twitter

Twitter is a great tool to promote anything you want to your audience. Within reason, of course! That’s why it’s the most straightforward way to get noticed on Medium. When you publish your article, post a tweet with a nice highlight from it and a link to the full article. It’s very easy, especially if you already have a following. Note: If you think your audience may not be interested in the topic of the article, it’s better not to post, as it will destroy engagement on Twitter and Medium.

4. Utilize publications.

Utilizing publications correctly is something that I see only a few Medium writers do. Sending an email to a single publication and expect a response is not a valid strategy. What you should do is send 100 emails. You will probably get a response from half of them, but that’s ok. Now comes the hard task of choosing the correct publication. In my opinion, the best choice is always the one who is closest to your topic, even if it is a little smaller. Now, if there is a huge difference in their audiences, go with the biggest one.

3. Try your best to keep user attention!

Keeping user attention is very easy to understand, but hard to implement. The only way to learn how to do it effectively is to experiment with different writing styles and topics and monitor the average reading time on Medium stats. After some time, you will know what your audience likes. This is so important because Medium pushes articles that have a higher reading time, resulting in organic traffic.

2. Use Clickbait :)

This sounds sketchy, but believe me, it’s not. That’s because I don’t mean baiting your audience with a title that isn’t representative of your article, but trying to spice up the title to hook your audience in! Would you click on an article that was titled “The reproductive system of mammals” or “How do dolphins reproduce?”. Both of these titles are representative of the article, but you would be more likely to read the second one.

1. Do the Research!

The topic of your article is arguably the most important aspect of writing. That’s why you should put a lot of effort into choosing the right one. The first step is to look at your Medium homepage and see what Medium pushes to you, the titles, the topics, the images, everything. I am pretty sure you will find something that interests you, that you would like to research more, and eventually write an article on it. To be honest, this is the reason I’m writing this article. I’ve seen that topics about writing on Medium get pushed a lot, so I chose to write about it.

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